1000W HPS Globe Enhanced Super Grow Light Bulb Lamp

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Get a jumpstart on your garden this winter with this enhanced 1000-watt super-high-pressure sodium (HPS) grow-light bulb from Randy & Travis Machinery. Its super-HPS spectrum will provide your plants with 17% more spectral energy overall, and 25% of the green, blue, and violet spectra than do standard HPS lights. With this lamp, you can even grow your plants all the way from seedling to harvest if you want to eat fresh veggies, herbs, and fruit during the winter. Features and Specifications: Wattage: 1,000W Type: High-pressure sodium (HPS) Environmental Impact: EN designation for environmentally friendly, non-hazardous waste disposal Dimensions: 38.35 x 8.63 x 8.13cm Weight: 0.36kg

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