CORTEX 28kg Wall Ball Complete Set

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Explode into a high intensity workout with the Cortex Wall Ball 28kg Complete Set. Wall ball training involves highly explosive movements that target broad muscle groups and get your heart pumping. They improve your functional strength and are a great way to burn calories. A huge range of exercises use wall balls, but typically they are thrown against a wall in a way that activates the whole body. Because of their purpose, wall balls need to conform to certain standards in order to maximise your efficiency. All wall balls are 35cm in diameter, and the benefit of this is that you can maintain a consistent grip regardless of the ball's weight. Our wall balls are constructed with a soft PU leather shell that is comfortable to use, even when an intense workout makes your palms sweaty. You can trust in the durability of our design; our quality stitching will see you through use after use. Even weight distribution throughout our balls makes throwing and catching easier and safer. With our complete set of 4 wall balls from 4kg - 10kg, you're sure to find the right challenge for any workout. Features - 1x4kg Green Wall Ball - 1x6kg Blue Wall Ball - 1x8kg Red Wall Ball - 1x10kg Black Wall Ball - Polyurethane Leather Casing with Balanced and Consistent Structure - 35cm Diameter - Colour Coded for Different Weights - Great for Functional Fitness, Wall Throws, Partner Drills - Perfect for Strength, Speed, Explosive Movement Training - Won't Damage Flooring When Dropped.



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