24/7 assisatnce


SCAM - still marketing and pushing customers to their site (even today) but once ordered nothing happens.
Wish I saw this page before.
Disputed transaction with bank so they will get no money anyway, what a waste of everyone's time. i needed this product a month ago
SCAM SCAM SCAM Order products and when try to contact them no answer on Phone chat people give you the same answer
Placed an order for an Apple Watch on 8 October, still no item, despite attempts to follow up. When I’m actually able to reach somebody on live chat, I get the standard ‘we will escalate your claim to management and you’ll hear from us in 24-48 hours’. Lodged several support tickets which have not been answered. They have my money, I have no item, and no communication. Is this site a scam????!!!!!!!!!!
I have had no contact and not received my item! I have followed up 3 times. It was ordered ordered 4 weeks ago! I am reporting this to SCAMwatch. Do not purchase through this site
Never buy from here, you won’t get it!!!
Hi follow up order id 15050. One one is replying to my email enquiry . Ordered item last sept 30 until now no shipping update from your end . Will request refund from paypal if I dont hear from you until tom.
HI I am waiting for my order 14828. Can you please send my order or refund my money. Thanks Nadeem
Name : Pushvinder Chahal
Email : [email protected]
Phone : 0433854705
Question : I have paid for the order on 30th July and am still waiting for the product to be delivered. It is so sad that you guys have no one attend the call . Either refund me my money - whole amount back or deliver me the product asap.