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How to get product reviews to increase your ecommerce sales

If you’re selling in a competitive market, you should consider using the power of product reviews to get your brand promoted, proven, and trusted. Let’s take a look at why and how.

Buying online doesn’t include the perks that come with brick and mortar, like being able to touch, feel, or try products. That’s why 84% of people trust online reviews  when shopping online.

Are your products really unique? Do you have competitors selling similar items to the same audiences? Are you struggling with a high rate of cart abandonment? If you’re selling in a competitive market like RZKU, you should seriously consider using the power of product reviews to get your brand recommended, proven, and trusted.

If you’re not convinced of the importance of online product reviews to increase ecommerce sales or you’re unsure about the most effective strategies to motivate customers to write reviews — this article is for you.

Use this 5-minute read to get savvy and take action with 5 tactics to increase product reviews.

Why product reviews are critical to the success of your online store

Of course, product reviews aren’t just valuable because users trust them. Your team can use customer reviews to optimize a whole lot more than just sales.

Use customer feedback to improve your product(s) and services

No one size fits all — you’ll get both positive and negative reviews when you allow customers to share their honest experiences.

The great thing about negative reviews is the insights they’ll offer on your brand’s reputation and value. What exactly are customers unhappy about? How likely are they to place another order? Are they willing to refer your shop to friends and family?

Knowing the bad is as important as knowing the good: you get a snapshot of how well your products and services fit the market and where improvements are needed to take your business to the next level.

Plus, negative reviews can create a sense of authenticity — after all, nothing gets 100% positive feedback. And how your team handles your responses to said negative feedback can further build trust in your service. As long as you show that you’re willing to listen, help out, and when necessary, offer a refund.

Embrace negative feedback as an opportunity to solve problems and get serious about growth.  

Build social proof and create trust in your brand

Social proof comes in endless forms. Are you influenced by YouTube reviews of cosmetics? Do you ask for recommendations on Facebook when traveling somewhere new? Do you read Amazon reviews and ratings when considering hundreds of options?

When it comes to ecommerce, product reviews are a powerful source of social proof. Alongside descriptions and pictures, reviews from real buyers give customers a comprehensive overview. Reviews build trust and give new customers more confidence to take a chance on an unknown brand. If your business is good, product reviews work to promote your brand.