Low Heat Speed Hair Dryer Baby Infant Kid Grooming Blow Hairdryer Blower Heater Blue

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Warm your baby up and get them drier faster with your new baby hair dryer. Negative ion technology dries faster without the need for more heat. Gentle on children.

Babies, toddlers, and children sometimes won’t tell you if something is too hot. Keep your blow dryer on the low setting to begin with. Always test it on your skin first before your child’s skin.

Nobody wants a cold wipe rubbed over them. Use your new best hair dryer to warm up the wipes then clean up your child. You might even find it is your baby’s new favourite thing.

Listen to this parent. “My baby loves the hair dryer sound We use a recording of a hair dryer for white noise when he is fussy and it calms him right down.”

Wet skin is the cause of many problems. A child’s hair dryer can dry that damp hair quickly. Blow drying your nipples immediately after breast feeding can decrease several types of nipple pain.

Key Features

  • Gentle heat
  • Low noise
  • Negative ion drying
  • Two heat settings
  • Adorable appearance


Material: PP plastic

Power: 400W (220V / 50Hz)

Dimension: 178mm x 64mm x 121mm (W x H x D)

Colour: Blue/Red

package content

  • 1x Baby Hair Dryer

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