Palermo King Single Ensemble Bed Base Platinum Natural Sand Linen Fabric

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When you need a top-of-the-line bed base that’s easy to move—even upstairs and around tight corners--the Palermo King Single Bed Base is the perfect choice. Crafted from solid pine, its frame is easy to assemble, easy to take apart—yet designed to last for a lifetime. Over the frame goes an easy-fit, double-padded Velcro slipcover, which turns it into a solid bed base. High-density foam cushions your body, giving you instant relaxation. Breathable linen fabric in a wide range of colours fits snugly on top, giving it a sleek, contemporary look. Gliders on the feet allow you to move it around the room with ease. If you have to move house, you can pack all the parts into one compact box that’s easy to move, even if your new home has narrow doors or a steep, narrow staircase. Manufactured to Australian standards with superb craftsmanship, this bed offers superior quality. For simple elegance and easy care, nothing can top this easy-assembly king single bed base by Palermo. Get yours today. Features: Materials: Solid pine timber, high-density foam, and premium linen fabric upholstered bed base Easy to assemble, easy to disassemble for moving Quality construction with exquisite craftsmanship Holds up under rugged conditions and heavy use Specifications: Attributes: Size: King Single Colour: Platinum Natural Sand

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