Stainless Steel Frying Pan Non-Stick Cooking Frypan Cookware 32cm Honeycomb Double Sided

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Stainless Steel Frying Pan Non-Stick Cooking Frypan Cookware 32cm Honeycomb Double Sided

Honeycomb upgrade · Double Sided & Full Screen: 316 stainless steel pot, fearless steel shovel, less oil, non-sticky, easy to clean, durable.
316 stainless steel: food grade 316 stainless steel is corrosion resistant, not easy to deform, and has high durability.
Fast heat conduction, energy saving and environmental protection: The pot body is made by special technology, heat conduction quickly and evenly heat the bottom of the pot without deformation and quickly transfer heat energy to the pot body.
Multi-heat gathering pot bottom: The thick pot bottom provides good heat storage, high efficiency and energy saving.
Stainless steel handle: comfortable and heavy, hollow and anti-scalding, high cost, sturdy and durable.
Some customers praise its non-stick and non-scratch performance,  the non stick concept is mechanical non stick where the food was sat on the honeycomb layer instead of the ceramic coat at the back. while others experience the frustration of foods sticking, like a simple fried egg. Why?

Item Name: Kitchen cooking flat surface frying pan
Material: 316 Stainless Steel
Style: Modern and Simple
Color: As Shown in the Picture
Package Weight: 2000g
Packing Size: 50*10*30cm
Lid type: stainless steel inlaid glass lid.
Features: Not easy to rust, less oily smoke, not easy to stick.
Size: 32cm (outer diameter) 

1 x 32cm Double Sided Honeycomb Wok with Clear Glass Lid

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