Traderight Cutting Discs 4" Thin Cut Off Wheel Steel Metal Angle Grinder 100mm

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You could use a hacksaw and spend hours cutting a piece of rebar. Instead pull out your angle grinder and pop in a new cutting disc. Cut so fast you will have time for a cup of tea.

Grind out or polish your metal surface with your angle grinder discs. Smooth off sharp edges. Great for working with stainless steel steel or aluminium. Buy enough for any work project.

Get a lot of grinder blades delivered right to your door. Save time and money. No need to go to the local hardware store. Buy enough to cut through all your steel bars. Never run out again.

Weld together your steel table. Grind down your welds for as silky-smooth finish. Load in another cut off wheel if your current one gets worn down. Practice until perfect.

Sharpen your tools with your new cutting disc for metal. Secure your axe in a vice. Quickly sharpen your axe. Give it a more precise cutting edge. Head outside to split some wood for your fireplace.

Key Features

  • 100mm wide angle grinding cutting discs
  • 1mm thick disc
  • Stable cutting and low vibration
  • 80m/s max speed
  • MPA certified
  • Stainless steel centre ring
  • High-quality fused aluminium
  • Suitable for steel steel alloy aluminium etc


  • Disc material: Aluminium oxide
  • Centre ring material: Stainless steel
  • Outer diameter: 100mm (4”)
  • Bore size: 16mm (5/8”)
  • Thickness: 1mm (3/64”)
  • Max speed: 15 200rpm 80m/s
  • Machine: Angle grinder (not included)


  • 200x 4” Cutting Discs

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